Good afternoon,


The board of directors of the Châteauguay pickleball association invites you to our annual general meeting on Wednesday, April 24, 2024 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Georges P. -Vanier cultural center, in the Jean-Pierre Houde room.


We will present to you the results of the 2023 season and present the projects of our association. Likewise, we will present our projects for the year 2024.


This year, the following positions are up for election:


•             President

•             Vice President Communications/Registrar

•             Executive Director Operations

•             Treasurer

•             Technical and Training Administrator

•             Administrator of social events, sponsorships and fundraising


You will find attached the Agenda of the meeting, a file proposing modifications to the regulations and a copy of the general regulations adopted at the last general meeting. It is important to be aware of these proposed changes before the meeting because we will vote for their adoption. These files will also be displayed on our website.


In addition, the minutes of the general meeting of March 16, 2023 will be sent to you within a week since the document must be approved at the meeting of April 24, 2024. Please read them before the meeting in order to be able to vote in full knowledge of the cause. This file will also be displayed on our website.


Nomination Procedures


•             In addition to being attached to this email, the nomination forms will be posted on the association's website.

•             Complete and submit the following documents to the nominations committee

               o              Application form

               o              Candidate Fair Process Declaration    

•                 The nomination for board elections must be sent with the duly completed documents, no later than April 17, 2024, to the counter of the Georges P.-Vanier Cultural                    Center, 15 Boul. Maple, Châteauguay, Quebec J6J 3P7 or at the email address, all to the attention of Chloé Provost.

•             All candidates must be present at the meeting during the vote.

•             Before the vote, all candidates must introduce themselves and describe their volunteer experience with a sports or other association as well as what they could benefit                    the association.

•             In the event that there is more than one candidate for a position, a secret vote will be held.

                    Once elected, the candidate must undergo a criminal background check related to violence, sexual offenses, drugs and narcotics, and theft and fraud. He must           complete the document and send it either to the counter of the Georges P.-Vanier Cultural Center, 15 Boul. Maple, Châteauguay, Quebec J6J 3P7 or at the email address, all to the attention of Chloé Provost. This document is attached to this email and will be posted on our website.  Unfortunately, we only have the French version for now. However, when we have the English copy, we will post it on our website.


Applicants must comply with the following conditions:


•             Be an adult natural person;

•             Be a resident or owner of a residence in Châteauguay

•             Be an individual member of the Association or the delegate of an institutional member;

•             Not have a criminal record incompatible with the task of administrator, and in particular, in the matters below:

              o            Violence ;

              o            Offenses of a sexual nature;

              o            Drugs and narcotics;

              o            Theft and fraud.

•             Have been accepted by the Nominating Committee and thus meet the requirements determined by the board of directors and indicated in the call for applications;


In addition, the following are not eligible as administrators:


•             All persons under guardianship, curatorship or a person declared incompetent by the court of another province, another territory, another state or another country or a                      political subdivision thereof;

•             An employee of the association;

•             An undischarged bankrupt;

•             Any person who is the owner or member of the staff of a private company or member of the staff of an organization linked to the association by a goods or services                          agreement.

•                   Any person having caused harm to the association such as for example a lack of respect towards it, or by appropriation of tools or documents belonging to the                           association, or by unacceptable behavior towards members or the committee , and any other behavior deemed unacceptable by the committee.


As our regulations stipulate, voting by proxy is permitted. Any member of the association who will be absent from the meeting and who wishes to exercise their right to vote may ask another member of the association to act on their behalf by completing the proxy form attached to this email. This form must be presented to the elections director on the day of the meeting. This form will also be posted on our web site.


As of the end of next week, all files attached to this email will be on our website and can be downloaded via this site at


We will send all members a zoom link about a week before the meeting so that those who are outside can participate.


If you have questions or comments, please send them to Serge Rajotte at or to Chloé Provost at




Serge Rajotte

Acting President

Châteauguay Pickleball Association

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