Hello everyone,

The September 6 tournament will start at 8AM considering the number of players registered. You will find attached the list of teams randomly selected.

There are also two time slots on Thursday August 31st and Tuesday September 5th to allow teammates to get used to playing together.

Please also note that lunch will be served on September 6 to players and spouses. We will serve hot dogs and we will have a corn roast.  Please bring your own non-alcoholic beverages as we will not have a liquor license.

Here’s the list of the teams that will play at the tournament.
Teams are invited to practice on Thursday August 31st at 9 am at the Agora.
The day of the tournament, all players must be present at 8 am. We ask all participants to respect their commitment to be present.
Corn on the cob and hot-dogs will be served (free) but you must bring your own drinks (no alcool).
Your supporters must bring their chairs because the benches will be reserved for the players.
Your committee
1 1 Johanne Cayer. / Lynda Imbeau
2 2 Pat Cross / Marie Bourdon
3 3 Gordon Clayton / Robert Bouchard
4 4 Bernard Caron / Jean Claude Ouellet
5 5 Diane Yelle / Germain Voyer
6 6 Robert Ross / Michel Renaud
7 7 Helene Tremblay / Jacques Morissette
8 8 Alain Bourget / Josée Langevin
9 9 Alain Binette / François Prudhomme
10 10 Rene Duranceau / Claire Trudel
11 11 Pierre Degheldere / Chantal Larocque
12 12 Chantal Gauthier / Joel Dulude
13 13 Serge Roussin / Marcel Rochefort
14 14 Veronique Trépanier / Sylvie Leger Roussin
15 15 Donna Favreau / Chantal Roussel
16 16 Anne Breau Koper / Ina Javallas Ross

Please take note that there will be 2 practices offered for the participants of our tournament: Thursday August 31st and Tuesday September 5th at 9 o’clock.