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Become a member
How to do....
Join the Châteauguay Pickleball Association
at the Georges-Vanier Cultural Center at 15 Blvd. Maple
Chateauguay, QC. J6J 3P7
$40 for Chateauguay residents
$50 for non-residents
A receipt will be issued to you

Rules of ethics

Rules of ethics
In any sport there are rules of ethics to follow. They are essential so that all members respect and enjoy each other.
By becoming a member of the Châteauguay Pickleball Association, I undertake:
• to demonstrate sportsmanship at all times; • to use respectful, non-vulgar and non-aggressive language towards my playing partners; • calling decisions on balls played as faithfully as possible; • to announce the “out” and “let” calls instantly, that is to say before the opponent returns the ball; • never to criticize the decision of my opponents • never to criticize my playing partner • not to commit abusive and/or obscene gestures.
Physical and verbal violence is strictly prohibited on the grounds, whether towards an opponent or any other person present at the activity.