Training for beginners

Hello everyone,

As promised, we announce the start of the training sessions for beginners. The activity will take place at the Agora every Wednesday from 11AM to noon starting June 5, 2024. This is a one-hour training session with a maximum of four (4) players. All interested participants must be members of our association. The hourly rate will be $20 and training will be given by Germain Voyer. Germain has all the qualifications required from the different institutions that provide competency certificates. Those interested should contact him at or 450-507-1858. Depending on the number of interested players, we will make adjustments to the training schedules in order to be able to offer you more time slots with our trainer. Finally, fees must be paid on site after the training.


Serge Rajotte, President Châteauguay Pickleball Association